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Progress Report Archives - January, 2008 - June, 2008

Progress Report Update
Posted June 21, 2008
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#1 Charlie, our most senior tour guide, celebrated his birthday. The crew surprised him with a cake. Charlie is now 88 years young
#2 Each morning one of Sandy's chores is to move the golf cart out of the gift shop and onto the ramp leading to the parking lot.
#3 Joyce has been busy setting up a mini-museum in a couple of the display cases in the gift shop. Really looks nice Joyce.

#4 Debbie is busy at the register as folks come aboard.
#5 Dave works to complete the on deck head. Here he is sealing a vent pipe, which seems to very important to this particular area.
#6 Boots, from the Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Club, has donated and is seen raising a new POW/MIA flag on the aft flag staff.

#7 Our radio shack was full of operators during the Museum Ship weekend. Bob has given a great report on the discussion page concerning this event. I would suggest you go there for details.
#8 We have all heard about Elvis impersonators. This is a Kenny impersonator, but a couple of things gave him away. 1) He's sitting down all relaxed  and laid back, 2) he's all clean and fresh, 3) he's not rushing around with a tool in his hand.
#9 This is our first aide team for the D-Day celebration. Pam and Bill got things set up and it was really great to have Charlie back with us. Good to see ya Charlie......

#10 This is our new Memorial Rifle Squad. They look sharp here and they are doing a great job.............come on Sam get with the program.
#11 Larry lowers folding tables  from the main deck back down to the tank deck to be stowed away until we need them again.....
#12 Mike gives a special tour to a couple of former LST sailors. These gentlemen are from Henry, IL. They had hoped to tour the ship when it went to Henry last year but due to high water we never made it up that far.

#13 Ad and Harry check out wiring in the engine room.
#14 One of the workhorses of LST 325 is Roy. Here he is working on the main deck area where we have our memorial service. He wants it to look good. And he'll make it that way....
#15 Our faithful Marine Vets are continuing to work on the aft starboard 40mm mount. They are getting it ship shape. We appreciate all their work.

#16 Pete, Ray, Dave and Darren uncover the elevator in preparation of moving several skids of bottled water to the tank deck for storage. This water will be use for this summers cruise. 
#17 The water had to be hauled down one skid at a time on Robinwood's mule.
#18 Last report shows Gene installing the backup horn  above the con. After the work was completed and the air was put to it he give the new horn a test toot.

#19 Ron, Ron and Jim are working on the new sign that was installed at the intersection of Waterworks Rd and Veterans Memorial Parkway. The sign bases are two LST stern anchors.
#20 This is what travelers who pass this intersection will see. This is really a great help for people looking for the LST and a reminder to those who drive by that we have a wonderful attraction here.
#21 The Propeller Club of the United States provided a free day on the LST. Many visitors took advantage of their generosity. Ohio Valley Towing brought in one of their towboats for people to get a closer look. It's hard to realize how large the towboats are when they are just passing by.

#22 Mr. Jack Cunningham, Regional Vice President of the Propeller Club of the United States, looks on as Keith Jarboe, President of the Evansville City Council, reads a proclamation from the President of the United States.

Progress Report Update
Posted May 17, 2008
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#1 Several crewmembers took advantage of a refresher course in CPR given by Pam.
#2 Mike, Ken and Dallas check out a new Jack flag that has been raised on the bow of the ship.
#3 ATTENTION TO COLORS!  A new Ensign has been raised on the stern. The above flags were replaced because of wear.

#4 Harry continues to replace old wiring to make the circuits safer. Here he strips out wires to be installed. I'm sure the peanut can is used for nuts and screws.
#5 Meet Wally, our newest maintenance man. Wally comes all the way from Tell City to work on the ship.
#6 Wally and Ray fit steel plating around the base of the starboard doghouse.

#7 Even though Pete was in the Air Force he assumes the position of a CPO while Harry works on the shore power cables.
#8 Perry Ballenger and Larry Knox recently spent a week aboard doing repair work in the radio shack. All of the work was not electronic in nature. They removed and reconditioned both doors to the room and relabeled them.
#9 Jim and Ray removed the old vent to the starboard doghouse and replaced it with a plate. The vent was more rust than steel.

#10 Bob needle guns around the elevator.
#11 Please note the new paint on the starboard tank deck bulkhead, thanks to work week crews. Also take note of one of the new gangways to be used to move visitors on and off the ship during this summers river cruise.
#12 Jim is mounting a life ring light bracket.

#13 Ray drills holes in the bulkhead to mount yet another life ring light bracket.
#14 Here are the two new life ring mounts on the port side aft. These were mandated by the Coast Guard on their last inspection. These are more examples of the efforts put forth by the ship to make our environment a safer place.
#15 The Marines have landed and are chipping paint. These three Marine Vets have taken on the project of stripping and refurbishing the aft starboard 40mm mount.

#16 Another new crewmember is Ron. He has taken on the job of needle gunning on the 02 lever forward of the Capt.'s sea cabin.
#17 "Can you hear me now?"  Gene is completing the piping to the ships horns above the con. They should be heard for miles around.
#18 With all the work going on aboard LST 325 we are still having large groups of visitors.

#19 Once again this spring a group of volunteers from Toyota Mfg. Indiana have come aboard to help dress the ship.
#20 more Toyota volunteers.....
#21 Thank you Toyota and your employees for the help and assistance you have given to LST 325.

OOPS.... I put in two #22s,
Sorry about that but you know
what I meant.
#22  This will give you an idea of some of the finished areas that the Toyota volunteers completed.
#23 Toyota even sent along a video camera man to document the work being done by their workers. Here Ray is interviewed.

Once again another progress report is, as they say, in the can. We hope you enjoy these reports that show that work is on a continuing basis on the ship. What a great bunch of guys and ladies to work with!. Until next time.........


Summer River Cruise Itinerary






0800 Ohio River 792.0

Sun. 17Aug. Depart Evansville
. 497 mi.
1000   Miss. R. 309.0   Wed. 20 Aug. Arrive Hannibal, MO
Open 5 Aug. 21-25  .

0800   Miss. R. 309.0   

Tues. 26 Aug. Depart Hannibal, MO
. 177 mi.
1000   Miss. R. 486.0 Wed. 27 Aug. Arrive Moline, IL
Open 6 Aug. 28-Sept. 2 .
0800   Miss. R. 486.0 Wed. 3 Sept. Depart Moline, IL
. 32.5 mi.

1300   Miss. R. 518.5

Wed. 3 Sept. Arrive Clinton, IA
Open 5 Sept. 4–8 .
0800   Miss. R. 518.5 Tues. 9 Sept. Depart Clinton, IA
. 63.5 mi.
1500   Miss. R. 455.0 Tues. 9 Sept. Arrive Ft. Madison, IA
Open 5 Sept. 10-14 .
0800   Miss. R. 455.0 Mon. 15 Sept. Depart Ft. Madison, IA
. 643 Mi.
1200   Ohio R.  792.0 Thurs. 18 Sept. Arrive Evansville, IN
. .

Progress Report Update
Posted April 14, 2008
Work Week 2008

Click on thumbnails for larger image
#1 This is a big day for the ship. We took delivery on our new (used) crane. Here Ray and Dave look it over and check operation.
#2 Dave puts the Grove through it's paces. He gave the machine his seal of approval.
#3 Ray gives the ticket on the crane to Sandy. It is now officially the property of the ship.

#4 Work week has officially begun. Morning muster was held on the main deck and announcements were made. And now and then a very special ceremony was held. Thanks to Doug and Rocky.
#5 Ray and Butch go over details of the project they are working on.
#6 Bob found plenty to do in the radio shack.

#7 Jennifer, who is working on an internship, works on assembling the safety netting that is installed on the life lines.
#8 Terry and the Capt. go over items the Coast Guard requested us to take note of after their inspection.
#9 Work week crews are busy chipping, scraping and painting. This is the starboard bulkhead on the tank deck.

#10 Fire crews flushed and cleared the fire mains. Here Tom and Fred are checking one particular hose.
#11 Naturally the heart of the operation was the galley. Joe and his stalwart crew kept the crew fed for the week. GOOD chow and the soup was outstanding.
#12 Our thanks and appreciation go to the Alvers Family. They are wonderful supporters of LST 325 and this plaque has been installed on the port davit arm to honor them. Mr. Alvers was a cox'n on LST 534.

#13 What a great looking bulkhead! Sherry is almost hidden but she is putting the finishing touches on a fire hose rack after the bulkhead was painted.
#14 In the past the engine room has not gotten it's fair share of notice during work week. Ad is overseeing work on the starboard engine and is in the engine room most of the time.
#15 Rocky is another one who haunts the engine room. He is actually the Oil King and Water King. He is recalibrating an oil tank sight glass.

#16 These are the screws and shaft casings brought in from the East coast by Kenny. They will be spares in case we should need them.
#17 This is the first real use we have had for the new Grove crane. It would have been a monster job to move this equipment without it.
#18 With all the work going on during work week the tour guides were still busy with tours. This is a group of Navy Junior ROTC cadets that came aboard.

#19 There was always hurry and scurry. The ship took on the look of an ant hill with everyone moving about getting their jobs done.
#20 Not only was there lots of activity on the tank deck but also topside.
#21 The cleaning was not limited to the main and tank decks. There was also a lot of work doing on in most all passageways and ladders.

#22 At morning muster Terry kept everyone up to speed on what was needed and expected.
#23 What a pleasure it was to have the youngest member of our work crew aboard. (the one in the middle). Don gives Jake and his dad some tips on work to be done.
#24 Much of our spare equipment has been painted and is on display on the tank deck.

Just as a personal observation, it is amazing how much work was accomplished but this great crew during Work Week 2008. The work went on a more than steady pace and as far as I know never a cross word. To sum it up, Good People, Good Fellowship, Good Food, Good Weather (for the most part), and LOTS of Great Work completed.......BRAVO ZULU!!!

Progress Report Update
Posted April 4, 2008
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Things are beginning to pick up on LST 325. The days are getting warmer and visitors are beginning to show up more frequently between rain showers. The maintenance guys are continuing their work and the tour guides are having sea stories interrupted more often by tours. We even saw a few rays of sunshine yesterday. 

#1 With safety always the most important factor on any job, Ray is working on an extension for our scaffolding. This will make for a more stable work platform.
#2 Larry does a happy dance on his way up the ramp.
#3 Nick drills the sleeves for the locking pins. This has really been a team operation, as is most of the work done on LST 325.

#4 A sure sign of spring is when you see the tour guides start to gather outside on the main deck to await visitors.
#5 Pete is repairing a sound power phone connection on one of the forward gun tub. We must be prepared. You never know when we'll have a frontal assault.
#6 Ray can stand on the docking barge and reach the top of the cell. Of course Ray is taller than most and did jump center for the Mechanic Arts Bolt Breakers when he was in high school.

#7 A momentous day for Harry, he's working on the last light fixture to be repaired on the tank deck. The tank deck is much lighter now.
#8 Harry, Dave, Pete and Ray discuss the movement of the equiptment into the old boiler room. The clean up in this space is nearing completion and the move will be made soon.
#9 As usual Nick can be found doing chores around the ship.

#10 Roy continues to chip away at the old paint in the boiler room. Soon to be the transformer room.
#11 As mentioned before visitors are beginning to show up again after a rough winter. Here Jim guides a family through.
#12 One of Pete's favorite tools is the needle gun. Here he works on the starboard side dog house.

#13 One of the benefits of the continuous rain is that small leaks can be found. Ray is welding a patch over one such leak.
#14 Dallas starts a tour on the main deck.
#15 After Pete and Roy wear out the needle guns it's up to Ray to get them going again. They get lots of use.

#16 As the river rises and falls the lines that hold the ship have to be monitored continuously. Here Fred makes an adjustment to the line tension.
#17 One of the best tools that the ship has is our sizzor lift. It has been in continuous service lately with the repair work that is going on with the tank deck lighting. Harry is checking out the batteries.
#18 Ed has been at it again. He is refurbishing the switches and covers in the bow door control room. Can you tell which one he has worked on?? Just kidding Ed, it looks great. Also seen are some of the brass switch covers that Ed has done.

#19 The ships new rifle squad really looks great. This squad was formed for saluting on special occasions and memorial services. Left to right are Larry Hahn Squad Leader, Marvin Oeth, Fred Kerstein, Vernon Barnett, Chris Donahue, Jim Roach, Sam Richey, Dallas Fickas, Bob Lenn Bos'n Piper and Millard Wilke Bugler. We'll have a better photo of them later when they come out into the light. This occasion was the visit of the Veterans for Freedom presentation on Sun. March 30.
#20 ANSWER TO LAST REPORTS MYSTERY PHOTO: It was for a basketball goal. Larry Hahn came up with the answer and a photo to prove it......maybe our next mystery question should be "whose laundry is hanging out"?

Until next time that's about it. Please bear in mind that this photographer is not on the ship at all times and this is but a sample of the things that are going on aboard. Our next report should be a good one because work week is coming up in a few days and there will be much activity aboard. See you then.......

Progress Report Update
Posted March 18, 2008
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After weeks of bad weather we are finally getting another progress report out. Things are slowly beginning to roll again and we can see the work beginning to pick up. Below are a few of the things that are going on around the ship.

#1 Nick, Pete and Harry inspect one of the in-line fans coming from the old boiler room.
#2 Harry has been busy for a long time getting the lighting going at full tilt on the tank deck.
#3 You can see the results of Harry's labors. The tank deck is much brighter now.

#4 Ray and Nick swab up some dirty water that ran down onto the port deck area.
#5 Sam and Mike chip and shovel ice and snow from one of our many snowfalls we've had this winter.
#6 Marvin chipped in to get the snow off the main deck. The big problem was that not long after this snow was removed we got more.

#7 The old boiler room is shaping up pretty well. Here is a view from the tank deck. A new door will be welded into the opening when the interior work is completed.
#8 Ray steps into the boiler room to help with the needle gunning. This is an ongoing project and will last a while.
#9 Meanwhile in the ward room Glenn unveils his latest patriotic, high tech, jet propelled leg. Just don't steal his remote or he may get launched....

#10 After several weeks of slow tour business because of the weather we had a very nice group of Evansville home schoolers come aboard. Home schoolers are always a pleasure to work with. They are very well behaved.
#11 Ray drops through an inspection hatch in the tank deck to inspect a bulkhead between one of the ballast tanks and the void under the tank deck.
#12 Once again the office is floating. This year the river is the highest it's been since the ship has been in Evansville. It crested at 41.7 feet, only .3 of a foot below flood stage. The office ladies can attest to the fact that the office does rock and roll at times.

#13 Bob celebrated his birthday by bringing in a pumpkin and pecan treat to share with the crew. It was delicious. About the same time we received a package of cracked pecans from some folks in Texas who had toured the ship and wanted to thanks us for our hospitality toward them.
#14 New gangways have been received by the ship to be used to get guests on and off the ship when on summer cruises. Here the guys from Crane Construction move them aboard.
 #15 It would appear that this crew had the same work direction classes that Doug conducted. We miss you Doug...

#16 We were really pleased to have help again from students at USI. Here are Matt, Sarah and Phantasia. Thanks a million for the help.
#17 Once again Bill came all the way from Kentucky to prepare lunch for the crew. Here he gives the "evil eye" to a cornbread thief (probably Ray).
#18 Dave got to get up close and personal with a swab in the galley after a great lunch of vegetable soup and cornbread. Thanks Bill...

#19 Pete puts the final adjustments to the traffic light on the tank deck. We've been waiting a long time to get this light up and it's finally up and can be operated. Originally there would have been three lights in service.
#20 Actually Ed worked with Pete on installing the light but when the photo above was taken Ed was not aboard. So that Ed doesn't feel slighted we stuck his head in the light. That should scare a brave tanker.
#21 I asked Bob if he were a space alien and he said "No but I did stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night."

Mystery of the month. These four hinges are located right below and aft of the cargo hatch. Does anyone have any idea what they would have been used for?????  Please answer on the discussion page.......

Progress Report Update
Posted March 18, 2008
A Note from Captain Hal

One of the high points in Mobile history was the historic welcome and nurturing of the LST-325.  That crew of old men came to love and appreciate Mobile and its people.  That love affair was strengthened by the remarkable phenomenon of the "Blue Crew", volunteers who swung into action to help restore and preserve the ship and by the community.  Shipyards were supportive, the people loved the ship and went way out of their way to get a look at it.  Many, many LST and Navy reunions came to mobile because of the ship and LST veterans traveled from all over the gulf coast to see it. Our veteran community honored all the Gold Crew with our famous "patriot of the year" award.  After two memorable trips from Mobile to show the ship to people of the United States, LST 325 moved on to a permanent berth in Evansville, Indiana, where 167 of those ships were built.  Evansville and the whole mid-west has turned out to support and fund their LST 325.  While many people in Mobile wanted the ship to stay here, the ship and its LST Memorial owner have done extremely well in Evansville. Part of the crew went all the way to Iceland to play a part in the movie "fFag of Our Fathers". One thing they will never take away from Mobile is the role we were able to play in the life of the ship.  We gave it a destination and its arrival attracted the entire world.  We got it running.  We fixed it up.  We gave it a safe home even through a hurricane.  Everyone involved with the ship, Gold Crew, Blue Crew,  and many others nationwide has recognized the critical part Mobile was able to play in what has now become one of the most important and popular war memorials in the united states.  Our relationship with the LST 325 and its crew remains strong and affectionate.

Captain Hal Pierce,
Navy Port Coordinator, Mobile.

Progress Report Update
Posted February 9, 2008
Click on thumbnails for larger image

#1 Pam organizes and inventories items from the gift shop.
#2 A light snow gives LST 325 a definite look of winter.
#3 Just enough heat comes from the tank deck to melt the newly fallen snow on the main deck.

#4 With the river being up we are once again looking down on the office/giftshop. A cloudy day but still a pretty scene.
#5 Jim sweeps the wet snow off the main deck and gangway.
#6 Inside Gene continues to run pipe.
#7 Gene cuts more pipe to length.
#8 Nick measures pipe for the current plumbing job.
#9 Harry lays into a hole cutter adapting a box for electric.

#10 Pete examines a fire fighting nozzle.
#11 Joyce and Debbie work on giftshop inventory.
#12 A view of the boiler room. Work continues on needle gunning the bulkheads and general cleanup.

#13 Another view of the boiler room. Much work has been done in this area.
#14 Ray mans a chipping hammer to remove even more of the crud on the bulkheads.
#15 Harry has constructed tool storage boxes for the sizzor lift and is here going through one of his many blivits he uses to keep electric flowing through the ship.

#16 Nick on his hands and knees cleaning one of our seldom used compartments.
#17 Dorris and Ray carry gear to another job in the port doghouse.
#18 Dorris grinds out area to be welded.

Progress Report Update
Posted January 17, 2008
Click on thumbnails for larger image

#1 Nick receives his 80 hour badge from Pete. Nick is a real asset to the ship.
#2 Kenny, Ray and Pete discuss the ongoing work in the old boiler room.
#3 Joe Cox, our newest maintenance. volunteer is seen here welding a patch into the tank deck.

#4 Ed stands by to assist Pete in the removal of old piping in the boiler room.
#5 Fred and Pete work on a balky fitting in ships piping.
#6 Fred receives his 1000 hour badge and in the process nods off for a quick nap.

#7 The cameraman was assaulted by Frick and Frack and a piece of rusty pipe.
#8 Just a few of the goodies served during our 7th anniversary of the return of the ship from Greece.
#9 The food was excellent thanks to the cooks, Joe (stew) and Mike (chili). No one went away hungry.

#10 Even the mess cooks got in on the goodies. Bill and Larry did a fine job of serving.
#11 Some of the folks who came out on a miserable rainy day to partake of good food.
#12 Harry cannot believe what Marvin has done with his thumb. Dave and Ray egg them on.

# 13 Frank, Bob and Dallas can always be made happy by feeding them, as witness this photo.
#14 Pete is laboring to get the tank deck traffic light put back together and installed. We'll show the installation in a later report.
#15 Ed directs the lowering of the port LCVP for installation of cover.

#16 Mike and Jennifer, our newest tour guide, discuss the goings on around the lowering of the LCVP.
#17 These are door hinge pins. They were made by Dan Desgroseilliers. Thanks for a good job.
#18 Another example of Dan's ability. He also made these brass valve stem nuts.

#19 It's really great to see a person enjoying his work.
#20 Nick works on vent from boiler room. The motor inside needs to be replaced for proper ventilation.
#21 Both LCVPs have now been covered for the winter.

Progress Report Update
Posted January 05, 2008
Click on thumbnails for larger image

1. Nick and Ed work on removing deck access cover in boiler room.
2. Brandon runs tools. At times the right tool is not easy to find.
3. Matt and Brandon are disconnecting the piping from the fuel oil supply tank to the old boiler.
4. Through the smoke and dust Ray works on the bulkhead section that will be welded back in with the new door to the old boiler compartment.
5. Jim is working on the area of the bulkhead section where the new door will be welded in.
6. Ray tacks the new door frame on to the prepared bulkhead section.
7. Dave and Harry are working on one of the main breaker boxes on the tank deck.
8. Some of the heater elements in the tank deck heaters have burned out and Harry replaces them. These help to keep the tank deck tolerable during really cold weather.
9. Larry sweeps water off the main deck while Doug gives close supervision.
10.Nick, Gene, Doug and Ray have a work planning meeting in the galley.
11. Some of the fresh water piping from the boiler room will have to be rerouted. Here Gene installs hangers to hold the new piping.
12. There are some deck plates on the tank deck that have been perforated by rust. Dale, our new maint. man is cutting out a bad place in preparation of welding in a new patch.
13. The new golf cart used by the maint. dept. is used to carry light loads. Sometimes the load will be pipe sections. Doug is frabricating a bar to protect the windshield from pipe sticking through the cart.
14. Doug mounts the safety bar on the golf cart. This will protect the windshield from being broken.
15. The boiler has been completely removed from the ship and now the process of cleaning the room is going on. Roy needle guns the bulkhead to remove many layers of old paint.
16. With the recent heavy rains upsteam the Ohio has reached about a half foot below flood stage. 42 ft. And we are once again looking down on the office and gift shop. The office floated and when a large tow went by it felt like being at sea.
17.We'd like to wish our Greek friends a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
18. The hands of a man who knows what he's doing. Ray grinds out a clean surface for the new door to welded into.

A productive year!

19. After being away on sick leave Dorris is back with us and we're glad to have him back. Here he begins to make final welds on the bulkhead door.
20. After making a pass with the MIG welder Dorris stops to inspect his weld. Looks good so he'll continue.

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