Crete to USA (2000-2001)
Original Sailing Crew

Shown below are the crewmembers  who made the final voyage from Gibraltar to Mobile, AL. Credit is also due to those who worked on the ship in Crete and/or Gibraltar but, for various reasons, were unable to make the final voyage.  Their efforts also contributed immensely to the project.

Original Crete to USA crew

Photo by Joe Milakovich

The crew of the LST-325 gathers for a group photograph prior to leaving Crete. 

Front row, from left:  George White* Cross, Clayton (Bill) Nickerson Cross, Donald Molzahn Cross , Ronald Maranto Cross, James Edwards Cross, Dewey Taylor Cross, Robert Jornlin, Hichael Nedeff Cross, John Calvin and Bailey Wrinkle Cross .  

Middle row, from left:  Harold Slemmons Cross, Norval Jones Cross, Albert White Cross, Ernest Andrus*, James McCandrew, Joe Sadlier Cross, Raymond Mai*, Richard Young*, Richard Meyer Crossand Jack Carter Cross.

Back row, from left:  Donald Chapman Cross, Edward Strobel Cross, Gary Lyon Cross, Lauren Whiting, Bruce Voges and Corbin Fowkes.  

Not pictured:  James Bartlett, William Hill, Donald Lockas, Joe Milakovich Cross, Dominick Perruso and Paul Stimpson Cross.

*Had to depart the ship prior to arrival in Alabama.