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LST-325 Flown Flags and Jacks

These are beautiful, high-quality flags flown aboard LST-325.  They measure a standard 3 x 5 feet.  The American flags come with a Certificate of Authenticity suitable for presentation.  The certificate is hand-inscribed on the heading with date flown, latitude and longitude, along with a signature.

Unflown flags are also available.



Pocket T USS LST 325 Gray Pocket Tee

This pocket tee has LST 325 and a silhouette of the ship over the pocket.


Green Pocket T USS LST 325 Green Pocket Tee

This pocket tee has LST 325 and a silhouette of the ship over the pocket.


Light Blue Pocket T
Vintage Homefront Tee

Show off your vintage style with this t-shirt


Gator Tee
Gator Navy Tee

A tee inspired by the "Gator Navy." Also known as U.S. Naval Amphibious Forces.


Gator Tee
Helipad Tee

The LST 325 Helipad.  Now on a t-shirt!


Sock Hat
USS LST 325 Sock Hat

Warm up this winter with an official USS LST 325 Sock Hat!  Great for windy days on ship.

Crete to USACrete to USA
Grey Cap

This grey cap features the LST 325 on the front, with "Last of the Class" on the front. This cap also features a metal clasp adjustment strap.


Crete to USA
Khaki / Blue Cap

We have brought back an old favorite. This Khaki cap has a metal clasp back for easy and durable adjustment.


Sailor Cap
Child Sailor Cap

A great hat for the little sailor in your family.  Kids love to wear this adorable hat!


We have great stitched patches for your jacket, backpack, or vest.      

USS LST Ship Memorial Logo
USS LST Ship Memorial
Amphibious Forces
Amphibious Forces Logo 
USS LST Ship Memorial LogoUS Flag
USS LST Ship Memorial LogoNavy Jack


We have 14 different pin designs available. From the American Flag, Navy Jack Flag, Lady Liberty, USS LST Ship Memorial Logo, a Sailor, and the USS LST 325! Look below to find your favorite.

Flag Pins
Logo Pins
Various Pins
American Flag
USS LST Ship Memorial Logo
USS LST Ship Memorial
Amphibious Landing
Amphibious Landing
Navy Jack Flag
Navy Jack
Shipyard Logo
Evansville Shipyard
American and Navy Flags
American and Navy
Amphibious Forces Logo
Amphibious Forces

Freedom Isn't Free
Freedom Isn't Free
USS LST 325 Ship Pin

USS LST Ship Memorial Challenge Coins

Challenge Coin
USS LST Memorial

Challenge Coin
Gator Navy


The Return of the LST-325

The Return of LST-325

Runtime: 46min
This is the 46-minute program that originally aired on Nov. 11, 2006 on the History Channel.  It covers the journey of the USS LST 325 from Crete, Greece to the USA.

Hero Ships: LST's Hero Ships: LSTs

Runtime: 45min
This is a 45-minute video about the design, production and use of LSTs (Landing Ship Tanks) for WWII.


Bringing Back A Hero Bringing Back A Hero
Written by Capt. Robert Jornlin

A personal account of the process of finding and trying to bring back an LST to the States by the captain who succeeded!  Our own Captain Robert Jornlin shares his story of triumph to save this important piece of our nation's history.

Mosier's Raiders: The Story of LST-325
Written by David Bronson

David Bronson is the son of James Bronson, who served on the USNS LST-325. This book is about the USS LST 325 during 1942 to 1946; it covers the invasions of Sicily and Salerno, and the D-Day invasion of Normandy.  A great collection of personal stories complemented with facts.

Cornfield Shipyard A Cornfield Shipyard
By Andrew L. Clark

A great read over all "Cornfield" shipyards setup on inland rivers.  Wonderful pictures and information about our nation's contribution to WWII.

Flat-Bottom Oddyssey
Written by Gene Jager

At the end of 1941, European ports were held by the enemy. The heavy weapons needed to retake the captured lands would have to be delivered in flat-bottomed, bow-loading ships that could load 20 Sherman tanks and deliver them, under fire, on hostile beaches. One man, who served on an LST (Landing Ship, Tanks), tells of the untrained men going into battle in untried ships, called upon to do on-the-job training and fight a war in the process.

LST 388: A WWII Journal
Written by Robert von der Osten, with Barbara von der Osten

Through his journal entries, von der Osten takes us with him to war, from his training days in the newly created amphibious force, to practice beachings on the Chesapeake Bay; from the ports of North Africa and the United Kingdom, to the hostile shores of Sicily, Salerno, and Normandy. All the while serving as a radioman aboard this new kind of ship, the landing ship, tank.

LST 388 is one man's honest accounting of the days leading up to war and what he experienced and witnessed while there. Part narrative, part journal entries, this is an account of history as it was being made

WWII Heroes: We were just doing our Jobs
Written by Linda E. Minton

After meeting and interviewing over sixty-five veterans, or the family they left behind, I have written their amazing stories. The accounts of these ninety-year old men are fascinating reading for anyone who enjoys history. Also, it is a reminder to be thankful for our freedom. It's important to know what WWII veterans endured, suffered, and survived. Read their heartfelt stories; thank them whenever possible. They are incredible, humble men and women who were just doing their jobs. Also, there are several stories of women and men who worked in the factories in Indiana making war products. The home front had to sacrifice as well as the men who were gone. The remaining stories are about men, women and children who were from other countries during the war. Some were our Allies and a few were from the Axis countries. War affected everyone during the 1940's. These stories help us learn what these people lived through during the days of WWII.

Invitation to Valhalla
Written by Mike Whicker

Inspired by a true story. Erika Lehmann, who is codenamed Lorelei after the siren of Germanic lore, is the English-speaking daughter of Hitler's old comrade and a member of the Fuhrer's inner circle. She is beautiful, athletic, clever--the epitome of Aryan womanhood--and the Nazi's top spy. Sent to America , she'll stop at nothing to accomplish her mission, including masquerading as a Jew.  The year is 1942. At the U.S. Naval LST Shipyard in Evansville , Indiana , a Jewish metallurgist named Joseph Mayer is conducting top-secret experiments for the military. Life could not be better for Joe. He loves his job and he is dating a beautiful, young, Jewish woman...

Return to Valhalla Return to Valhalla
Written by Mike Whicker

During the critical, last months of the Second World War, Nazi spy Erika Lehmann returns to Germany seeking revenge after discovering Heinrich Himmler ordered her father's murder. Return to Valhalla is the story of one woman's journey of self-discovery through heartbreak, disillusionment, and eventual redemption.

Return to Valhalla Fall from Valhalla
Written by Mike Whicker

In the months just after the end of WWII, two deadly and cunning women find themselves pitted against each other in a lethal game of cat and mouse. Set in the earliest days of the Cold War, Fall From Valhalla is a superb thriller in the world of undercover 'spooks' and 'ghosts'.

Blood of the Reich Blood of the Reich
Written by Mike Whicker

Elizabeth Ault. Strong-willed and ambitious, she is Cincinnati's top newspaper reporter. Tireless when it comes to investigating an important story, Elizabeth has a reputation for being first on the scene and getting her scoop-no matter what it takes. Frank Ault. A tough-as-nails, no-nonsense homicide detective for the Cincinnati police. Frank is equally adept at using his brains or his fists to solve a case. He hunts the elusive suspect, Anne Brown. His wife, Cincinnati Observer reporter Elizabeth Ault, races her husband to find Brown first, causing friction between husband and wife. But this time Elizabeth plays with fire. Little does Elizabeth know she will quickly be transformed from pursuer to prey, and that events will take place that change the lives of the Aults forever.

Landing Ship, Tank Landing Ship, Tank (LST) 1942-2002
Written By Gordon L. Rottman

The Landing Ship Tank (LST) is one of the most famous of the many World War II amphibious warfare ships. Capable of discharging its cargo directly on to shore and extracting itself, the LST provided the backbone of all Allied landings between 1943 and 1945, notably during the D-Day invasion. Through its history, the LST saw service from late 1942 until late 2002, when the US Navy decommissioned the USS Frederick (LST-1184), the last ship of its type. This book reveals the development and use of the LST, including its excellence beyond its initial design expectations.


D-Day 1944 (1) Omaha Beach D-Day 1944 (1) Omaha Beach
Written By Steven J. Zolaga

The first title in Osprey's survey of the D-Day landings of World War II (1939-1945). The D-Day landings of 6 June 1944 were the largest amphibious military operation ever mounted. The greatest armada the world had ever seen was assembled to transport the Allied invasion force across the Channel and open the long-awaited second front against Hitler’s Third Reich. Of the landings on the five assault beaches, Omaha Beach was the only one ever in doubt. Within moments of the first wave landing a third of the assault troops were casualties. Yet by the end of D-Day the Atlantic Wall had been breached and the US Army’s V Corps was firmly entrenched on French soil.


The Birth of the LST The Birth of the LST
Written by James W. Knox

This is a great quick reference book to the LST.
Echoes of Freedom Echoes of Freedom
Written by Clendel Williams

These creative narrative history stories, some humorous along with numerous facts, relate to the times and living conditions that were present during WWII, from 1942 through 1945.

Echoes of Freedom An Unlikely Sailor
Written by J. Edward Day

The story of a Kennedy Cabinet Member in the WWII Antisubmarine Navy. Day was the Postmaster General who initiated the "zip code" in 1963. Like the President, Day served in the Navy during WWII.


Second Pearl Harbor Book

The Second Pearl Harbor
Written by Gene Eric Salecher

In May 1944 the Navy had assembled a fleet of landing ships, tank (LSTs) in the West Loch section of Pearl Harbor. On May 21, an explosion tore through the calm afternoon sky, spreading fire and chaos. When the fires had been brought under control, six LSTs had been lost, many others were badly damaged, and more than 500 military personnel had been killed or injured. To ensure the success of those still able to depart for the invasion the Navy at once issued a censorship order, which has kept this disaster from public scrutiny for seventy years.



LEGO Minifigs for USS LST 325

Dungarees Dress Whites  Officer 

               Lego Figures


These figures are put together by the folks at Brickmania!  
You can find more kits and figures at

Second Pearl Harbor Book Plushie Gator Navy Gator

This 10" stuffed animal is showing off his LST pride with his own Gator Navy shirt. This little guy can sit unsupported and is just too cute to pass up.


Second Pearl Harbor Book Sherman Tank Model Kit

Build your own Sheman Tank with this easy to put together 1:32 scale model of the famous M4A3 "Sherman".


Second Pearl Harbor Book Tiger Tank Model Kit

Construct your own Tiger Tank with this easy to assemble 1:32 scale model of the fearsome Panzer VI "Tiger". This model is also battery operated, batteries not included.


Second Pearl Harbor BookSecond Pearl Harbor Book
Signal Flag and Semaphore Kit

Learn about Signaling with this kit. Includes two decks of playing cards (Signal Flags and Semaphores), A poster of signal flags, A poster of the "Evolution of the Military Phonetic Alphabet", 2 Morse Code flashers and cheat sheets, 2 reproduction semaphore training dials, and a book on the "History of Signaling".


Second Pearl Harbor Book
Naval Spotter Playing Cards

Set of playing cards showing ship silhouettes from the 1940's through the 1960's. Learn while you play!


Second Pearl Harbor Book
Poster Playing Cards

Set of playing cards displaying posters from WWI and WWII.


LST 325 Calendar USS LST 325 Calendar

This 12 month calendar includes following at-a-glance on the back and is full of great pictures of the USS LST 325.  Many of the pictures in the calendar were donated by volunteers and visitors. 


USS LST 325 Magnets

    Johnny Ray Magnet    Johnny Ray Magnet
3D Logo                                                                                   3D Ship
$5.00                                                                                        $5.00

  Johnny Ray Magnet     Ron Hudson Bow Doors Magnet
Girl with Flag                                                Ship Bow
$3.00                                                           $3.00

Great new pictures on these colorful magnets!  Get one of each and look down below for postcards!

Magnet Pictures
Decals USS LST 325 Decal

Show your pride with a USS LST Ship Memorial Logo Decal!


Suncatcher USS LST 325 Suncatcher/ Ornament

Accent any window with the USS LST 325 suncatcher and show your support.  It also works well as a Christmas ornament!
3/34" x 2 1/4"

USS LST Ship Memorial Water Bottle
Water Bottle

USS LST Ship Memorial Travel Mug
Coffee Tumbler

USS LST Ship Memorial Travel Mug
Logo Mug

USS LST Ship Memorial Drinkware

Show your pride in the USS LST 325 with every sip!
Cermaic Logo Mug made in the USA by Grey Fox Pottery!


USS LST 325 Shot Glasses

These unique designs could be the showcase pieces in your shot glass collection!

Tapered Shot Glass
Flare 2 oz
Beer Stein Shotglass
Beer Stein

White Ceramic Shotglass 

Beer Stein Shotglass

Beer Stein Shotglass

Bullet Pen Bullet Pen

For when you are quite serious about what you are writing, this piece of former ordnance has become mighty! Black ink, non retractable for down range composition.


Bullet Necklaces Projectile Necklaces

This necklace is a standard WWII projectile M33 full metal jacket heavy machine gun round, 647 grain .50 cal., US Mil spec. projectile.

Blue Silicone Bracelet
Red Bracelet

USS LST 325 Silicone Bracelet

Silicone bracelets are all the rage. This bracelet features embossed "LST 325". Wear it proudly!



1 Gerald Muller Purple Postcard     2
Gerald Muller Sunset Postcard
3 Johnny Ray Postcard     4 Ron H. Bow Doors Postcard
5 LST 325 Crew Postcard
              6  Bow Doors Postcard 
Ron H. Vista Postcard   


Thank you for your support!
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