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USS LST 325 is now open for public tours in Evansville, Indiana.

Mondays - Closed for maintenance work
Tuesdays through Saturdays - Tours 10 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Sundays - Tours noon to 4:00 p.m.

Ticket sales for tours end at 4:00 p.m.

Tour Prices: Under 5, free; ages 6-17, $5; adults, $10; family (mother, father, minor children), $20

840 LST Drive
Evansville, IN 47713

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Discount accommodations
for crew and volunteers
Evansville Convention & Visitors Bureau


Progress Report Updates
Posted April 16th, 2011

Check out the Cooks - Wanda and Mrth? keep the line going Guys There is still tank work going on - beed blasting; And yes, we have to have meetings on the weather deck
The U.S. Army active military showed up 2 days now;


Progress Report Update
Posted April 16th, 2011

Meet Sandy Friedrich

The office has gained a new employee from Action Temp Service. Her name is Sandy Friedrich. Stop by and say hello.

A note from Sandy: So far I have enjoyed the past week (Spring Work Week) being around the ship, crew and volunteers. Everthing I have learned has been fascinating. Everyone has been so friendly and helpful.

I am a military wife with both my sons being born at Ft. Campbell, KY. Their Dad was a Desert Shield veteran. My husband Andrew was in the Air Force. We live in Princeton, IN. My olderst child Jordan is off to college playing footbal and Lucas is a sophmore in High School.


Progress Report Update
Posted April 13th, 2011

The remaining crew are cleaning up and making way for ballast tank workers
The weather was not faverable for painting in the tank deck over head so
several Crew Members are planning a return trip in May to complete the
work;If you want to help later in May contact the ships office;


Progress Report Update
Posted April 11th, 2011

Report from the "T" Board

Kenny Adams, pictured below standing by his ambulance, has officially resigned his seat as LST 325 Ship Memorial Board Vice-President. He has accepted the position as Operations Manager to oversee the ship's maintenance and daily operations as well being deemed Administrator to the newly aquired Save America's Treasures Grant that has awarded the LST over $400,000 in grant money by the National Park Service. The grant requires lots more paper work and various other items to fall within guidlines of receiving the much needed revenue. Congrats to Kenny and good luck. Please feel free to volunteer if you haven't already!

Kenny Adams


Special - Spring Work Week Progress Report
Posted April 2nd, 2011



10 April, 2011 - There were 28 Crew at muster on Sunday but some of them left for home, the work went on; There's a bucket for every one in the tank deck
Gary is showing Jack a fancy fan cover DJ and Gary made; Ballast tank cleaning contenued and tank deck over head cleaning and painting started;



8 April, 2011 - Muster at 0800, the weather was great;
Several Crew members said so long till another day;
3 tank crews still remained to work on cleaning;



7 April, 2011 - All is good on the 325.



6 April, 2011 - Wendsday of Work Week - cold windy start so Muster was held in the tank deck; The weather on deck did improve by mid day; A Crew of soggy Bottom Boys under the leader ship of a Bubble head become the invey of the Port 413 Tank Gang; The Collins Gang (in striped pink) on the port 416 had some visitors today that interupted there leadership, costing them a water hose leak; Tom Price and Bob Chick on there two tanks held the line;but there tank trafic was heavy The two new tank deck fans on the stern are being installed by the Windy Crew led by Garry Hendrickson and BJ; Several new crew members showed up today.



April 5, 2011- It was cold and damp; The Day for electricians - more men then bunks - army cots brought out of storage; The heater in crews berthing goes on the blink; find the electricians Fresh water pump lost power - find the electricians; The stove in the gally lost a burner; go find the electricians Every one has a job - some jobs are better then others, but work goes on;



4 April, 2011 - RAIN AND RAIN. Muster in tank deck at 0800. Rain all day.



3 April, 2011 - There was a birthday cake at lunch today -some one turned 85, but Irwin tried not to make a big deal of it. He thought Barbara and him were working on the ship 10 years ago when he was only 75; Tank 419 went into it's 3rd full day of cleaning - the tank looks better, but the tank cleaners do not;
Muster on the main deck had 47 Volunteers and by days end there was 50 in the chow line The last picture looks like the Space Shuttle Crew but it's the 416-2 tank crew;



2 April, 2011 of work week, started with a line through the gally - The bow doors where opened and the ramp was lowered at early dawn, then came muster
on deck, it was who is who and where do you live The weather was great all day; Ballast tanks were cleaned and cleaned and cleaned; It took one special team to keep water pumps running April 2nd at the LST work week will go down as the day of the pumps;



31 March, 2011 - the day started out damp and cold 35 degrees, but the afternoon sunshine brought crew topside and felt good; Following lunch everyone gathered on deck for a who am I and who are you;- and a picture; Several new faces showed up today including Gary Garcia who is in his winter orange snow suite; All the snipes think Gary's wife dresses him funny? Of cource as always Mr. Coffee was doing dishes, Allen was giving a tour and John Noonon was doing his shopping for Tom's grape jelly; The Grand Daddy of presure washers was brought out of winter storage by John and George; Following several trips to town for parts and some starter repair the Detroit high pressure washer was hooked up and ready to go; Darkness came, rumors had it that Terry and Larry showed up in a Dirty Red Dodge;



30 March, 2011 - Spring is close, but it's windy and cold at the ship; snowed at daylight John and George Collins have been on board helping Tom Price get washers and pumps set up for washing tanks. Of course they needed to give Mr. Coffee a quick update on how to make blueberry pancakes; Jim Tuefel, John Hatten, Jim Scott, are helping Brian Kolb install a new A.C. in crews quarters, they have worked hard for several days on this project; Ken Lee arrived with a list from Harry; John Noonon showed up to look through the gally for something to eat; Ad went stright to the engine room to see what Wally was doing; Even though it was cold there were a few tours today;



Progress Report Update
Posted March 8th, 2011

How high is the office rising Mama? She said it's 5 feet high and rising! How highs the office rising Papa? He said it's 5 feet high and rising. The office has been floating for the past week! The lady's in the office have been practicing there Abandon Ship drills and wearing life jackets at there decks.
If you look at the gangway from the office to the T on a normal day you would be walking downhill to the ship. Also the road leading to the T is under water, we have to make a slight detour onto higher ground just to reach the parking lot.

Post and Pictures by John Engstrom


Progress Report Update
Posted March 4th, 2011

The day finally arrived where we were ready to pour the new surface for the crews shower.
Those involved were myself, Dale & Mike. We were a bit apprehensive a first, mixing 2 gallons of epoxy cement with 50 lbs of sand. But after repeating this 3 times we felt like pros!
Now the snipes will have no excuse for not showering at least once every other week!
Dale, Mike, & Rod Farmer thank you for seeing this project through from start to finish.

Post and Pictures by John Engstrom



Progress Report Updates
Posted February 20th, 2011

Harry, Dave, & Randy came down this past Tuesday & Wednesday to work on the heating & air conditioning in Officers Country and the Radio Shack. Dave and I took measurements of the tank deck ventilation fan & housing off of the 0-1 level. There are two ventilation fans located here and it's planned to replace them during the upcoming April work week.

Post and Pictures by John Engstrom


Angie – the LST 325 Office Manager for the past 2 years has accepted a new Command Post or Battle Station and will be jumping ship this coming Saturday after noon (2-19-2011);

The entire Crew, including the Snipes that work hard and the deck Apes that do (what ever) will miss Angie’s big smile at early morning quarters’  and her happy good morning wave as they passed through the gift shop;

Even though Angie will be on a different watch bill, she promises to pull an inspection at the “T” from time to time;

We wish Angie Returning winds – and Good Luck at her new watch station

Saturday was Angie our Office Managers last day at work. Many of the volunteers gathered for a fair well party in her honor. Pizza and cake were enjoyed by one and all.

Angie, thank you from all of use here at the USS LST SHIP MEMORIAL for a job well done over the years!





Progress Report Update
Posted February 14th, 2011

The sun is shining and temps climbing. Ed, Wally, & Nick are the LSTs version of AAA. Here we see them attempting to jump start the deuce & half. Ed is hooking up the battery booster, red cable to ground, black to positive! Kenny, Wally & Ed say that you owe them $150.00 for new battery's.
Next we have them working in there own environment, port side shaft alley repairing one of the fresh water pumps. Thanks guys you got it working.

Post and Pictures by John Engstrom


Progress Report Update
Posted February 10th, 2011

When opening the T yesterday morning look at the smiling faces of Ray & John who where hiding in the paint locker. Ken Frank, remember the two crew members you couldn't find for a work party!Now you know there hiding spot.
Actually Ray & John came to the ship to work on there project to rearrange & clean the Paint Locker.
Today ( Thursday ) upon arriving at the ship I noticed that we must be planning on a Artic cruise as the deck apes had been working thru the night painting everything they could see the color white. It's always good to keep your painting skills up to date as the tank deck overhead awaits  this spring.

Post and Pictures by John Engstrom


Progress Report Update
Posted February 9th, 2011 (Reposted from Front Page)

The Board of Directors has hired a new Marketing Director for the ship.
We turned to Diane Masterson, a Marketing Pro, to help us increase attendance in Evansvillle, which has been slipping over the last few years.
Diane will work on increasing local, regional, and national attendance with new programs and activities.

Diane is a native of Michigan and has been living in Evansville since 1998.
She has already worked on a number of activities to increase attendance at the ship while at the Convention and Visitors Bureau starting as far back as 2003 when the ship first visited Evansville .
Let's all welcome Diane and assist her any way we can in this endeavor that is so important for the ship.


Progress Report Update
Posted February 5th, 2011

Rod Framer and son Eric making ladders for the ballast tanks, they must work fast to stay warm. Back in the crews shower Mike & Dale finished removing the rest of the tile from the shower area. And then applied a coat of rust inhibiter to the shower pan perimeter.

Post and Pictures by John Engstrom


Progress Report Update
Posted January 30th, 2011

Crew Members Mike Thoren, Dale Carlton , and Rod Farmer removing the old slate flooring in Crews shower;
You can really tell theses guys have been snowed in at the ship for a month now;
Some said they are really Snipe Hunting;

Post and Pictures by John Engstrom


Progress Report Update
Posted January 1st, 2011

This past few days 8th 9th and 10th of January in Mobile was well planed and
well received by 325 Gold Crew and Blue Crew alike;
Most of the time together was in remembrance of working on the ship, who
worked with who, who painted what, who fixed electric switches, remember
eating at the VFW on Thursdays, Breakfast at Kevin's Dinner, Australian
Split pea soup, Sea trails on Valentines' Day, Buddha's, Nancy's on Gulf,

Here are a few pictures of many pictures taken last week, and we can go
through all the pictures;
Normally Pictures tell a story; but these pictures do not tell the story of
a WW 11 ship returning to the United States 10 years ago on a cold winter
day in January, with (GOD) at the helm, NO! theses pictures show the loyalty
and friendship of those people who together opened there arms, united
together as a family and unselfishly give of there time, resources, and
personal skills to repair and rebuild a ship that was so near to there
hearts and soles they could not account for there why, when ask why? Most
would answer with WHY NOT
Most would agree they begun a project they knew, they would not complete,
but would pass on to the next generation and know that, that generation like
themselves would feel the importance of the preservation of the ship with
there own hope of seeing the completion, but to pass it on to the next

We have all heard of passing the torch - well on the 325 we pass friendship
to knowledge and knowledge to friendship;
Any one and all can tell are friend to go to the 325 and meet are friends;

From the Blue Crew

the 1000 hr on the 10th day of the first month Bill trying to bum a beer from Mike at Buddha's at Buddha's - you can figure the rest out
The Skipper run out of Money so we left BUDDHA'S - this was the police line up Jesse's trying to get in his room, but how can he move all these Snipes & Deck Apes Gary Lyon's Crew of 5 years / some one start this jet - time to go to the VFW
here again having to mush fun - some one needs to control this thing Jack Rocky and Jim training Carl on a southern elevator operation Yes Ron you have a cool Navy ship shirt, 36 degrees worth of cool
You all look good, but where is Dominick - the Plummer Lauren entertaining at the USS ALABAMA waiting for the bus to Hooks Landing
Perry and Hal looking for Perry's wife Anne Terry and Bill borrowing money from Jean for a beer who cares where, it was fun
big guns big ship and a great moment here Comes the Colors to commemorate the moment it's a camera Rocky not a phone



Progress Report Update
Posted January 5th, 2011

Work Week November 2010

  John Hatton, Ad, Dee, and John Cooker from Ohio (a new Volunteer)

From D Churchwell

You have to look really close in the first picture to see Dee

Can every see the confused look on every one's face?

The only one who knows what's going is Jack Stevens and he took the



Progress Report Update
Posted January 1st, 2011

An email from a visitor (During Amphib Week 2010):

LST 325 Crew,


As we end 2010 I wanted to thank you again for the extra effort you have made to give my dad and his sons and grandson a truly remarkable trip to Pittsburgh and the LST 325. Our ability to share this part of dad’s past … well, words just seem to fail me in describing the time we spent with you aboard your ship.

Dad had his list of “things to see” when we were on board and we hit ‘em all and more.  Our visit went way beyond all our wildest expectations. Dad was like a 20-something year-old again on that ship, like he got off the LST 516 on a Saturday in 1955 as the Engineering Officer and we got on board the LST 325 with him the next day (Sunday in 2010), it was like he never skipped a beat. We will never forget that weekend.

Thank you again for all you did and Happy New Year.

(Signed) Jeff

Progress Report Update
Posted December 23rd, 2010

Winter Time still hangs over the LST as we go into the Holiday Season – If you have any plans to come by the ship, be sure to call –

But there is always a hot cup of coffee for any one wishing to stop in to just visit;


From the ships office

Jim Scott Larry & Dale Josh & Jared
Jim Scott represented the LST Memorial today at the Mayors Holiday Reception – Jim reported lots of great conversation on the ship's plans for next year;

Larry and Dale were given the task of counting Wood Flotation Devices to be mailed out to some special people;

Yes Larry has to use all his fingers for this task – Dale is doing the inspection?

Josh brought his friend Jared Clark from Owensboro to the ship today to meet the gang

If you notice Bob Wessel is giving a briefing to Dale on how to walk on ice?

Dale fell on the ice last week and is now being more careful; He can’t wait to get his Harley Davidson out of the shed”



Progress Report Update
Posted December 18th, 2010
Pictures by BAE Systems
(Updated January 5th, 2011)

13 Crew Members attended the unveiling of the 40 mm Anti-Aircraft Gun that was restored by BAE Systems in Louisville , KY.

BAE Systems employees have spent hundred’s and hundred’s of hours disassembling and rebuilding the 40 mm gun mount.

All of the labor was volunteered, either before or after their regular working hours.

Used 40 mm barrels were shipped from NSWC Dahlgren, Virginia for this project.  Searching for parts was an endless process, even ranging to sites in Sweden .  Several unavailable parts were redrawn by BAE Systems engineers and remanufactured at their Louisville site.

The 40 mm gun mount will be shipped back to the LST this coming spring.  It will be mounted on an Army trailer provided by Crew Member Ron Roberts from New Mexico .  The 40 mm gun mount will be used in parades and displayed to promote the LST.

LST Crew Members received a great tour of the BAE Systems facility, complete with soft drinks and cookies at the unveiling ceremony.


Photo's by BAE Systems BAE Systems

BAE and Crew LST Crew 40mm



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Situation Reports from XO Jackson Carter
for the period:  17 JUL 00 - 09 JAN 01  (see below)

CDR Jackson Carter was LST-325's Executive Officer before and during the voyage back from Greece.  In addition to his normal duties, he was an avid ham radio operator and enjoyed communicating during his down-time with other hams all over the world.  He also maintained a website for LST-325 which included all of his situation reports, as well as many photographs showing the hard work done in Greece getting the ship seaworthy ? that site is a must-see for anyone who hopes to understand what it took to bring this ship home.  Most importantly, Mr. Carter was one of the finest human beings one could ever hope to meet.  He passed away just five weeks after finally realizing his dream.  This website now carries on the work ? and the dream ? where he left off, and in his memory.  Thanks, Jack ... for being you.
Fair winds!

In Memoriam
Jackson Carter

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