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USS LST 325 is now open for public tours in Evansville, Indiana.

Mondays through Saturdays - Tours 10 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Sundays - Tours noon to 4:00 p.m.

Ticket sales for tours end at 4:00 p.m.

Tour Prices: Under 5, free; ages 6-17, $5; adults, $10; family (mother, father, minor children), $20

840 LST Drive
Evansville, IN 47713

 Need a map or directions?

Discount accommodations
for crew and volunteers
Evansville Convention & Visitors Bureau




Progress Report Updates

Posted April 22nd, 2012

Posted April 19th, 2012

Posted April 15th, 2012

Posted April 13th, 2012

Posted April 7th, 2012

Posted March 30th, 2012



Pete Smith has been stealthily painting the Crew Shower right under my nose and I didn’t know about it.

 So I don’t have any before pictures, but here are pictures of the finished showers. They look great!

On a side note: If anyone has a scenic picture of the LST-325 sailing or docked with the mast up and no obstructions of the view of the ship,

please send them to the office at 325office@lstmemorial.org.

We are collecting pictures for next years’ calendar and for possible T-Shirts. Credit will be given if your picture is used.


Posted March 29th, 2012



LST Memorial Members

As we prepare to head to Dry Dock in 2013, we are in the beginning stages of fundraising for the over $2 Million that will be necessary to perform

 the necessary Coast Guard updates and the work for the National Park Service Grant.

Here is a link of all the vendors that built parts for the LSTs. Please look through the list to see if you know anyone in a position at any of these companies that

we could contact regarding a donation to help with this effort.

In addition, think of any other contact you might know at any other corporation that would be willing to donate to our Dry Dock fund.

Let us know as much as you can about these contacts and if you are willing to assist us in the effort of soliciting funds.

Please contact us with any information, as we would like to make the initial contact with all companies.

Any additional donations any of you would like to make for this would also be appreciated.

Call 812-435-8678 or email us at 325office@lstmemorial.org with this information.


Thanks in advance for all your help.

USS LST Ship Memorial Dry Dock Fundraising Committee







Posted March 24th, 2012

Posted March 6th, 2012

Posted March 4th, 2012



Annual Support (Operating Fund) 

Like all 501(c) 3 organizations, the USS LST Ship Memorial requires the generous support of donors to keep the ship operating on an annual basis to provide the educational tours to thousands of visitors.  Donations, combined with visitor fees, help pay for the basics of electricity, water, heat, cleaning and trash, and to pay for the materials used by volunteers to maintain ship.  Your generous support keeps the ship ready to welcome visitors who learn about the outstanding service of all LSTs from World War II to the Korean War and later service in Vietnam.


USS LST Dry Dock Fund

Maintenance and repairs are a vital part of preserving any historic vessel for future generations.  To maintain our license to operate and keep the ship in working order, some repairs and inspection require the ship to be dry docked. Unfortunately, the estimated cost of such an undertaking is in excess of $2,000,000. But you can help!  Donate to the USS LST Ship Dry Docking Fund. All donations will be deposited in an escrow account and are used expressly for the cost of repairs and maintenance while in dry dock.  Currently the ship is preparing for a 2013 dry docking with work to include:  Removal of ice breaking hull, Repair of port and starboard damage to sides, Sandblasting and repainting, and etc.


Please indicate on the check or money order that the donation is intended for the Dry Docking Fund.

Contributions may be made by email at donations@lstmemorial.org, by calling 812-435-8678, or by mail at:

USS LST Ship Memorial

840 LST Drive

Evansville, Indiana 47713.



All we have done, are doing, and will accomplish not possible without the commitment, time, and skills of our volunteers. As a non-profit organization, volunteers are the lifeblood of the organization. Since we took possession of our ship and 24 sailors returned her to our shores and our homeport of Evansville, hundreds of volunteers have worked thousands of hours in restoration, maintenance and sharing the ship’s historic legacy to tourists and school groups while in port and our annual cruise to other historic events.

There are always volunteer opportunities. Groups are invited for one-time projects or continued projects. Individual volunteers are added to one of our volunteer crews, such as:

Ship maintenance and Restoration Crew: 

We’re always in need of painters and people that are not afraid of a little dirt.  The majority of this work is accomplished while in Evansville.  Workers can live aboard while working on one or more of the ongoing projects.  Opportunities exist for those with specific experience on a LST, with technical skills, and those who simply love and support historic ships. 

Cruise Crew:  

Each year the ship makes a trip to another US port.  Done in conjunction with a historic event, the ship remains in port and welcomes visitors abroad to learn more about the ship, crew, and service through three conflicts.  Crews require experienced sailors, with a limited number of positions for general help.

Education Crew:

Assists all guests during their visits to the ship.  Leading tours, assisting with displays, and sharing our history make the visit a richer experience for individuals, families, and school groups.


Come join our staff and volunteer crews who strive every day to preserve the USS LST Ship and the crews of all LSTS’s legendary naval legacy. For more information please contact us at  812-435-8678, or by e-mail volunteers@lstmemorial.org.


Leave a Legacy

We invite you to support our mission and preserve the living history of all who served during more than 40 years of active service for future generations. Become part of our legacy.  You can become a Legacy Donor by making a planned gift to the USS LST Ship Memorial.  Your gift will allow us to permanently honor all those who served around the world during times of conflict and peace.  There are a number of gift planning options, from a bequest in your will to life-income gifts. In taking the time to compose an effective legacy plan, we urge you to respect and balance your commitment to the USS LST Ship Memorial and the needs of your family and heirs. Please contact your financial or legal advisor to find out more information regarding what steps you need to take to support the USS LST Ship Memorial through a planned gift.

Giving options include:

Gifts That Benefit Us After Your Lifetime

w Bequests

w Beneficiary Designations

w Endowed Gifts

w Give My Home, But Live There for Life

Gifts That Pay You Income

w Charitable Gift Annuities

w Charitable Remainder Trusts

Gifts You Can Make Today

w Memorial and Honorary Gifts

w Charitable Lead Gifts

w Donor Advised Funds


For more information on making a contribution to the USS LST Ship Memorial, please contact your financial or legal advisor. You can also contact the museum’s staff to answer any questions you may have.

If you have made arrangements to include the USS LST Ship Memorial in your plans, please let us know about it either by email at donations@lstmemorial.org, by calling 812-435-8678, or by mail at:

USS LST Ship Memorial

840 LST Drive

Evansville, Indiana 47713




Posted February 26th, 2012

A Big THANK YOU to Deckape Bob for setting up a new trial Chat Page. Please check it out and let us know what you think!  http://usslst325.proboards.com/

Posted February 18th, 2012

We are currently working on making a Facebook page. Like us and follow us on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/pages/USS-LST-Ship-Memorial-Inc/388475534512053

Thank You Bruce Voges!

Posted February 17th, 2012

Posted February 16th, 2012









Posted January 7th, 2012





Officer’s Head will soon be ready to paint.

We’re also working on the galley floor.

Chris doing what he does best.

(Looking PRetty)

 Returning Volunteer Bob Lenn and New volunteer Ronald Hall.

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