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USS LST 325 is now open for public tours in Evansville, Indiana.

Mondays - Closed for maintenance work
Tuesdays through Saturdays - Tours 10 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Sundays - Tours noon to 4:00 p.m.

Ticket sales for tours end at 4:00 p.m.

Tour Prices: Under 5, free; ages 6-17, $5; adults, $10; family (mother, father, minor children), $20

840 LST Drive
Evansville, IN 47713

 Need a map or directions?

LST 325 Web Cam
User Name: LSTFAN
Password: LST325
Discount accommodations
for crew and volunteers

Evansville Convention & Visitors Bureau



Posted December 23, 2011



Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the LST-325 Office Staff! 



Posted December 22, 2011






Posted December 21, 2011



Mike Evancik donated these tools to the LST 325

  Thank You, Mike, for the donation.........

      A complete workshop for the ship, donated by Mike and his mother

The crane had to be used to offload the tools.   Thank You from the LST Crew 

Posted December 17, 2011



Toyota volunteers were here in November …….

painting, painting, and more painting …

Thank You Toyota!!


           Belle of Cincinnati paid a visit to the LST 325 in October.

                                           Welcome Aboard!

                   Waiting to board passengers for trip down the river.


Ad’s 39th Birthday??????

Happy Birthday from your LST Family!!




Posted December 9, 2011


40mm guns being unloaded.

40mm guns being unloaded.

Restored 40mm gun in its new home at the LST entrance.


Posted December 8, 2011


We lost another Gold Crew Member .... Smooth Sailing Old Friend! 


Paul Leroy Stimpson

“A sailor and adventurer at heart” 

December 3, 2011

Paul Leroy Stimpson, 87, of Swissdale, passed away Wednesday evening, Nov. 30, 2011 at Geisinger Medical Center, Danville, PA.He was born Dec. 16, 1923 in Renovo, the son of the late Charles and Stella Probst Stimpson.On Sept. 9, 1946, Paul married the love of his life Constance Zdrojewski in St. Aldelbert's Church, Toledo, Ohio.They recently celebrated 65 years of marriage.


Posted December 7, 2011


Rosie the Riveter visited the ship on Veteran's Day!



Posted November 25, 2011





This is the new Duce ½ Truck and trailer purchased by the Memorial.


Tony Ankrom being presented his 2000 hour jacket by Capt. Jornlin.



The LST 325 passing Joppa, Il. taken by Joe Kern.



Posted April 16th, 2011


Progress Report Update
Posted March 26, 2010
Every spring the Crew of the LST 325 gets the ship prepared for sea detail. It is that time again!!

Fire lines are checked, guns uncovered, decks are made ready. Bow doors are opened, main engines are
started, generators are put on line, and berthing compartments are cleaned fore and aft. If weather
permits, there is also a plan to paint the main deck. Painting the overhead in the tank deck is also being

April 10th through the 17th is 2010 Work Week for the LST in Evansville, Indiana. Work Week 2009
resulted in Crew members from 18 different states. Come and join us and be part of a great Crew.

The 2009 annual inspection by the U.S. Coast Guard requires the LST to begin cleaning and de-flaking
the ship’s ballast tanks and voids. These are water tanks for ballast (10 ft. wide, 10. Ft. high, 24 ft. long),
with the capacity of approximately 18,000 gallons (referred to as wing tanks). There are other tanks
(center tanks), three times bigger at 56,000 gallons, and there are also several voids to be cleaned.
These tanks are only accessible through small deck manholes via a ladder - removing material is by
bucket (you get the picture). Once cleaned, the tanks will be painted by a local contractor. Since safety
is a major consideration, the buddy system or teamwork during this process is a must.

For 2010 Work Week, volunteers can work one or two days, or work for the whole week. Living on the ship is permitted during work week, but as a WWII ship, only men can be accommodated overnight.
The ladies and wives are encouraged to come. There are several hotels in the area that give the LST
Crew a break in rates. No one gets bored on the ship, and camaraderie and a sense of being involved
in a worthwhile project are bonuses.
Volunteers can obtain crew member status upon completion of
80 hours of volunteer time. This enables the men to apply as crew for upcoming summer river trips.
The ship can only sail with 40 men during voyages, and there are needs for enginemen, electricians,
cooks, and deck hands, as well as tour guides and maintenance.

If you have some spare time, and would like to meet lots of people and be a part of the Volunteers who
are needed in port and during travels to other ports, please call the ship at (812) 435-8678 for more
information, or stop by and to get a volunteer form. No previous military experience is required. Be a
part of the preservation and presentation of this wonderful Historical Treasure!

Come check us out during Work Week, and see what we do. You may decide to stay and be a volunteer.

Progress Report Update
Posted March 25, 2010
Pictures by Angie
Click on thumbnails for larger image
Waiting for the NJROTC 3.20.10 The NJROTC arrives 3.20.10.
Waiting for
Paducah Tilghman NJROTC to arrive
at the LST 325, March 20, 2010
Paducah Tilghman NJROTC arrive
at the LST 325, March 20, 2010.

Paducah Tilghman NJROTC aboard the LST325, March 20, 2010 Paducah Tilghman NJROTC and their guides aboard the LST325, March 20, 2010.
Paducah Tilghman NJROTC aboard
the LST 325, March 20, 2010.

Paducah Tilghman NJROTC
and their guides
aboard the LST 325, March 20, 2010.

Progress Report Update
Posted March 13, 2010
Pictures by Myrth Larsen
Click on thumbnails for larger image
Angie got a shock Cake from the volunteers
Angie got a shock today
It's her 1st year aniversary with the LST.
The cake was
from the volunteers.

The Cake. Flowers from Terry & Sandie Tull.
The Cake

Angie received flowers from
Terry & Sandie Tull.

Progress Report Update
Posted March 7, 2010
Pictures by Angie
Click on thumbnails for larger image
An ebay treasure Donated Equipment
Bob Pointer
An Ebay Treasure
Dennis G Martin
Donated Equipment

Myrth in a box. Myrth out of the box.
Ever saw a Myrth in a Box
You have now.

Myrth out of the box
Myrth Larsen volunteers in the Gift Shop.

Myrth in a box. John Engstrom working on Archives.
Nick Jochim & Wally Larsen
Chipping paint..

John Engstrom
Working on the Archives.

Progress Report Update
Posted March 3, 2010
A slow day at the LST325 and Angie has a camera
Click on thumbnails for larger image
Just advertizing for the gift shop. Jim surprises Carol<br>Happy 38 anniversary

Larry Robinson
A new uniforn??
NO, just advertising for the gift shop

Jim surprises Carol
Happy 38 anniversary

Jr. Mint (Ed Scott) & his Dog Rosie Larry Robinson & Ken Kramer

Jr Mint (Ed Scott) with his trusted friend
and sidekick, Rosie.

Larry Robinson & Ken Kramer

Progress Report Update
Posted January 5, 2010
LSM 45

Camp LeJuene North Carolina

LSM 45 Visit

On February 1st and 2nd a group of LST 325 crew drove to Camp LeJuene North Carolina to visit the last remaining LSM, the LSM 45, to harvest as many parts as possible to help maintain the LST 325.
The LSM 45 was also brought back from Greece with great intentions but has not had the luck that the 325 has. It was displayed in Omaha, Nebraska but fell into disrepair and then was acquired by the Museum of the Marine in Jacksonville, NC. Their plans changed and they were looking for someone to take it over and preserve it. They never found a viable new home. It has been sitting at a dock in Camp LeJuene for the last few years deteriorating.
They now have someone who has agreed to take it and turn it into a barge.
Ken Frank made arrangements with the Museum and Sgt Major Houle the keeper of the ship to give us access one last time to harvest whatever parts we wanted.
A hearty group of crew including Kenny and Anna Adams, , Perry Ballinger, Ad Mumford, Tom Price, Chip Lanham, Ken Frank, Tom Diener, Dick Lucas and Allison Broomhall spent two dirty days aboard removing what we could and what we needed.
We got a crews mess table and bench, lockers, gun racks, hydraulic pumps, engine room gauges, fuse panels, switches and switch panels, two great spotlights and various other items including a trough used in the crews head as a toilet and some radio insulators and wire.
A few pictures show the crew and Sgt Major Houle (Missing Anna and Tom Diener) just before we started work and a few photos of the condition of the ship. Most of the work was performed in compartments that were cold, damp, and pitch black, and in some cases had a few inches of water on the deck.

The Crew
Click on thumbnails for larger image
The ShipSome GoodiesLoading Up

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Archive for 2005 Voyage

Situation Reports from XO Jackson Carter
for the period:  17 JUL 00 - 09 JAN 01  (see below)

CDR Jackson Carter was LST-325's Executive Officer before and during the voyage back from Greece.  In addition to his normal duties, he was an avid ham radio operator and enjoyed communicating during his down-time with other hams all over the world.  He also maintained a website for LST-325 which included all of his situation reports, as well as many photographs showing the hard work done in Greece getting the ship seaworthy – that site is a must-see for anyone who hopes to understand what it took to bring this ship home.  Most importantly, Mr. Carter was one of the finest human beings one could ever hope to meet.  He passed away just five weeks after finally realizing his dream.  This website now carries on the work – and the dream – where he left off, and in his memory.  Thanks, Jack ... for being you.
Fair winds!

In Memoriam
Jackson Carter

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