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USS LST 325 is now open for public tours in Evansville, Indiana.

Mondays - Closed for maintenance work
Tuesdays through Saturdays - Tours 10 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Sundays - Tours noon to 4:00 p.m.

Ticket sales for tours end at 4:00 p.m.

Tour Prices: Under 5, free; ages 5-17, $5; adults, $10; family (mother, father, minor children), $20

840 LST Drive
Evansville, IN 47713

 Need a map or directions?

LST 325 Web Cam
User Name: LSTFAN
Password: LST325
Discount accommodations
for crew and volunteers

Evansville Convention & Visitors Bureau


Progress Report Update
Posted October 29, 2009
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Curtis Coffee and Garry Hisel prepare a passageway deck for a new coat of paint. This clump of built up dirt was found in a corner under the ducts running through the galley passageway. Curtis Coffee beginning to put down the new paint in the galley passageway.

The wardroom passageway after the new coat of paint on the deck. Jim Scott showing Eddie Scott and Nick Jochim how to disassemble a 20 mm gun. Jim Scott headed up the team that sanded and refinished the 20 mm guns.

A picture of a 20 mm gun that was refinished in the black and one begining the process. Another comparison picture. One of the exhaust vent grills getting a good cleaning ready for a new coat of paint.

One early morning a crew arrived  to begin painting the starboard side of the ship before the Jeffersonville trip. Josh Morris stretching to paint all the way up to the main deck. Garry Hisel presenting John Engstrom his 80 hour name badge.

Kenny Adams presenting Larry Robinson and John Engstrom their E award pin. Kenny Adams presenting Dave Schrader his 2000 hour jacket. Once again we allow a son to relive what his father must have experienced on D-Day.

Angie presenting Mike Kempf  with the LST 1077 a poster signed by ship's volunteers commemorating the visit. Angie Cutterridge showing off her Museum Alliance of Downtown Evansville (MADE) display on the ship's museum day. On Site Health and Safety Services company prepares to begin a training exercise to remove someone from the confines of the ship.

Quad 40 mm's arrive in Evansville from the James River Fleet.
Twin 40 mm's and cover cocoons arrive in Evansville from the James River Fleet.
Dave Schrader worked diligently to find a suitable clip and replacement method to refurbish these floodlights.

Dave Schrader's complete refurbished light assembly.
One of our local neighbors, a turtle sunning on a rock to check out our wonderful "T".
Copying is supposed to be the greatest form of flattery but did this look good enough to honor the "T" for the boat parade?

Captain Jornlin giving one of his VIP tours to Captain Charles S LaSota, Commander of the NSWC Crane naval base (6 pictures).
Captain LaSota and his aide listen as the Captain explains the finer points of the engine room.
Captain Jornlin explaining the laptop computer and directing questions about it to Garry Hisel (behind the camera).

The captains returning after visiting aft steering.
Captain LaSota paused to read the August 15, 1945 radio message in the radio room.
Captain LaSota stopped to salute the ensign (as expected) as he departed the ship.

Progress Report Update
Posted October 16, 2009
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Kenny Adams presenting Tom Diener his well deserved 2000 hour jacket.
The Coast Gaurd inspecting one of our many Tanks.
Coast Gaurd using a flashlight to get a good look at the ribs in a tank.

Captain and one of the Coast Gaurd crew discussing which tank to inspect next.
Jim Scott closing up a tank after inspection. We passed the inspection and will not have to go to dry dock for at least another 5 years.
Kenny Adams welding a new ladder in one of the tanks.

Jerry Howe climbing into a tank so he can clean the tank edges for lid replacement.
A Black Hawk helicopter flying over the LST 325 during Freedom Festival 2009.
The Captain accepting an award for the LST 325 and crew from Garry Hisel for helping to make the MVPA convention an AWESOME event.

Not only do the marines require everyone to salute to come on board but every now and then they get a hug. Jeffersonville Trip
And the hugs keep on coming. Jeffersonville Trip
Bob Barbier, Harry Zillion and Ray Studer received their 2000 hour jackets from the Captain. Jeffersonville Trip

Harry Manor taking the opportunity to grease the bow door gears as D Churchwell looks on. Jeffersonville Trip
Turn about is fair play D Churchwell applies the grease as Harry Manor supervises. Jeffersonville Trip Bruce Voges gives Gladys Hisel a flower for her hair. Jeffersonville Trip

Hiram "Too Tall" Brownell displaying the "Puppy's Foot" he wants the younger visitors to find. Jeffersonville Trip
The Captain presenting Tony Lamantia his 80 hour crewmember badge. Jeffersonville Trip
A group of students trying helmets on in troop berthing. Jeffersonville Trip

High School Navy ROTC students waiting their turn to tour the ship in Jeffersonville.
Issac our Merchant Marine intern showing one use for the highline chair.
The Captain presenting Stephen Weiler his 80 hour crewmember badge.

Another one of our involved families, 3 generations, Stephen Weiler, Dennis Weiler and Kenneth Weiler.
Nick Jochim and Dave Schrader placing spools of wire in preparation for the big wiring  change over project coming up the first week of November.
Power tree constructed by the ship's carpenters and electricians to be used during ship wiring change over during first week of November.

Progress Report Update
Posted October 8, 2009
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Ron Bezouska wishing visitors well as they leave.
The Batmobile amphib car taking a swim in the Ohio River.
Another Amphib enjoying a swim in the Ohio River.

Tom Price giving passengers a thrill ride in his LVT.
Jo Watt and Ray Cashen making presentations at the LST Week Banquet.
Angie getting hat signatures from the Gold Crew.

Bailey Wrinkle taking his turn signing hats.
The dance was in full swing at the end of the LST Week Banquet.
Hike Nedeff getting pointers form Joey Kelly.

Lois Jornlin enjoying a story by Christine Argo.
Capt Hal Pierce and Chris Donahue chatting.
Wonder what joke Jerry Howe told to make his wife Gayle laugh so hard.

Angie still collecting hat signatures at the Banquet from the Gold Crew.
Don Lockas ( Mr. 1 S) with his     # 1.
Dewey Taylor enjoying himself with his daughter Linda Moore looking over his shoulder.

The Steere's enjoying the LST Week Banqet. Thanks for the Jeep.
The Gold Crew quilt that was presented at the banquet.
The Gold Crew representatives at the Banquet, Capt. Jornlin, Ed Strobel, Dewey Taylor, and  Don Lockas.

Lois and Captain Jornlin talking to old friends.
Ed Strobel celebrating the end of hat signing.
Susie Bloom and Joey Kelly enjoying a dance.

Progress Report Update
Posted September 24, 2009
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John Engstrom: Badges Anyone.
View of the crew attending the LST Week Memorial Services.
The Memorial Services during LST Week 2009.

Ray Rappold & Perry Ballinger looking good all dressed up.
The Kelly family reporting for duty.
Tom Price loading his LVT for another ride.

Tom Price trying to see how many passengers he can get wet.
Isn't she beautiful.
Thanks to Schultheis Insurance for insurance coverage donation during LST Week.

Ron Rieken, Ron Crane and grew releasing the cables so the T can make a run during LST Week.
Myrth Larsen waving goodbye with Anna Adams and Sandra Scherer.
There she goes giving all the passengers a thrill.

Bag Piper band that welcomed the  3rd voyage passengers aboard.
Rich Litov with the Bag Pipers and directing MVPA passengers.
Bag Pipers sure look good when lined up.

The T and her soon to be passengers depart.
The T loading the DUKWs with the city in the back ground.
The T opening doors and lowering the ramp in preparing to unload the DUKW's.

The T unloading a DUKW.

The DUKW clears the ramp.

John Engstrom happily displaying the shop vacumn donated by LST 1148.

Progress Report Update
Posted July 9, 2009
Click on thumbnails for larger image

Anna Adams working on cash register in LST office.
Bill Morgan showing the berthing area during a tour.
Bill  Morgan showing the deck to another tour group.

Meet a new volunteer Bobby Hartley.  Thanks to Bill Morgan.
Charlie Lawrence in berthing area with a tour group from USI.
Charlie Lawrence explaining  the Highline chair.

Chris Donahue, one of our regular Saturday, Sunday Tour Guides doing what he does best.
Another group of tourist on the "T".
Dennis Weiler giving one of his first tours to a group of Scouts.

Quick draw drill Eddie demonstrating a new holster.
Ed Duncan taking a much needed break.
A meeting of the minds.

Jim Scott giving another great tour.
Joey Kelly and son Nate visiting ship the very first time.
Kenny Adams sending out some news letters.

Captain Jornlin doing an interview with the peacock for a WNIN childrens show.
Ron Bezouska with a tour group.  With all those smiles it must have been good.
Group of Scouts looking into the engine room.

Another view of Dennis Weiler and his group of Scouts.
Ed Duncanand Eddie Scott working on LCVP motor.

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Situation Reports from XO Jackson Carter
for the period:  17 JUL 00 - 09 JAN 01  (see below)

CDR Jackson Carter was LST-325's Executive Officer before and during the voyage back from Greece.  In addition to his normal duties, he was an avid ham radio operator and enjoyed communicating during his down-time with other hams all over the world.  He also maintained a website for LST-325 which included all of his situation reports, as well as many photographs showing the hard work done in Greece getting the ship seaworthy – that site is a must-see for anyone who hopes to understand what it took to bring this ship home.  Most importantly, Mr. Carter was one of the finest human beings one could ever hope to meet.  He passed away just five weeks after finally realizing his dream.  This website now carries on the work – and the dream – where he left off, and in his memory.  Thanks, Jack ... for being you.
Fair winds!

In Memoriam
Jackson Carter

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