LST Photograph Collection : Photographs of all U.S. LSTs (Landing Ship, Tank) excluding LST–325
U.S.S. LST–1156 (U.S.S. Terrebonne Parish)
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Print, Photographic
Black & white print of a photograph showing LST–1156 (U.S.S. Terrebonne Parish) being guided by a tugboat while underway in an unknown port. LST–1156 is first ship of the Terrebonne Parish Class LSTs and thus features some key differences from previous classes of the ships. Structurally, Terrebonne Parish class LSTs were 58 feet longer and 4–to–5 feet wider than previous LST classes. The superstructure ad davits bear a large resemblance to the Talbot County class of ships, though with the addition of two large smoke–stacks to either side of the front. The ships also feature more substantial structures and raised guntubs at the bow. The main deck does not appear to be loaded, though a large white screen has been set up near the aft of the area, possibly for showing movies. The ship's name and a copyright mark for Our Navy, Inc. are stamped in gold lettering near the bottom.
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Ship's name stamped in gold lettering near bottomShip's name stamped in gold lettering near bottom