LST Shipyard Collection : Materials from or related to the Shipyards which built LSTs during World War II
Evansville Shipyard 1942–1944
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Album, Photograph
The Employees' War Production Committee, Inc.
The Employees' War Production Committee, Inc.
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A collection of photographs documenting the construction of and work at the Evansville, IN Shipyard from 1942 through 1944. The shipyard, owned and operated by the Missouri Valley Bridge & Iron Company, was constructed and contracted primarily to build Landing Ship, Tanks for the U.S. Navy during World War II. 167 LSTs were ultimately produced by the shipyard, which was awarded the Army–Navy "E" Award for excellence in production along with several stars for continued performance.
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Evansville Shipyard 1942-1944Evansville Shipyard 1942-1944