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The photo pages are graphics-intensive.  Please have patience while they load!

Victorious Arrival in Mobile Bay!
Photo by Steve Earley, The Virginia-Pilot (Hampton Roads, VA).  Used with permission.

Gene Elliot (with USN flag) and Jim Anderson (with Bravo Zulu signal
flags -- "Well Done!") greet LST-325 and crew upon arrival in Mobile.

USS Ship Memorial patch

Arrival Program


Commemorative Postal Cover

The pictures below were taken 10-12 JAN 2001 in Mobile, AL.
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LST-325 Passes the Crowd at the Mobile Convention Center
Dockside at The Alabama State Docks, Pier D-2


Crewmember Bruce Voges is reunited with son Tim *.

Visitors checking out the stern's twin-40's.

Gene Elliot (LST 1126) and  Jim Anderson, proudly on deck with the colors of LST 1110 (Jim's Dad's ship).

*Tim Voges did an amazing job preparing Memorial T-Shirts for LST 325's arrival.  Many folks in the welcoming crowd were wearing them.  You can order your own  (as well as other souvenir items) right on this website by  clicking here  for the Ship's Store.  Proceeds of these sales go to the LST Memorial Fund.

Crewmembers being met by their families.


Map in the wardroom showing the final stretch coming home (This map is slightly better and more precise than mine  )

A modern-day sailor examining the WWII twin-40's

Mr. & Mrs. Jim McCandrew holding hands on the bus.

Beautiful cake and stunning ice sculpture at
British Petroleum's reception for crew and families.


Governor's Crewmember Citations  (Sorry, I sort of SNAFU'd the citation shot . . . )

Mr. & Mrs. Don Molzahn

The Crew's
Christmas Tree

Photo by Irene McCandrew


Tom Parry and Ron Haas of LST 997 with yours truly, Jim Anderson (taken on the USS Alabama, BB-60)

Position log showing 
the final stretch
coming home

Conning Tower upon arrival at the Alabama State Docks


Wheelhouse with annunciator at journey's end STOP position

Final entries for the voyage in the Ship's Logbook

A look at the inside of one of the ship's four LCVP's


Attitude on the Bulkhead

A Versatile Tank Deck

 "You Are HERE!"


LCVP, Conning Tower
& Bunting

Engine Starting Procedures

Descending to the
Engine Room

We Love You, BP !

Please help those that helped us . . . . .

Give your business and support to British Petroleum!


The impossible takes a while longer . . .

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